Treating Migraine Headaches with Herbal Products- By: kristy waltan

Description : Migraine headaches can be very debilitating. The head splitting stops your whole life. Nothing seems to matter anymore unless the nuclear war going on in your head ceases. Light strikes your eyes and makes you even more uncomfortable. These are just a few conditions those who experience migraine are familiar with. However, these splitting headaches should never be allowed to control your life.

Heavy duty migraine curing tablets will just put you to sleep or make you feel even worse. The worst part of using off the shelf medicines for migraine headaches is that they only cure the symptoms but do not cure the migraine itself. Some of these off the shelf remedies for migraine headaches also results in problems like constipation, urinary retention, loss of libido, agitation and even more headaches.

Migraine can be cured and that too without the use of allopathic medicines which might pose risks to health. There are a number of herbal products which can be significantly used to treat migraine headaches effectively. If you donít want to try off the shelf medications and are in favor of herbal treatments, itís essential that you consult your physician first.

The most widely used herbal products to treat migraine headaches effectively are Feverfew and white willow. When taken in combination over a period of 12 weeks, these herbs reduce the intensity of the migraine headaches and also reduce the frequency with which they occur.

Migraine headaches are brought about by prostaglandins and serotonin in the body. Feverfew acts as an antidepressant and also inhibits the flow of these in the body, thus reducing the intensity and frequency of the migraine headaches.

White willow has an aspirin like quality when it comes to treating headaches. When used in combination of Feverfew, it helps to relieve symptoms and also cure migraine headaches permanently.
Other herbal products like Ignatia, belladonna and Nagoya also effectively cure migraine headaches and also fight back its symptoms. Belladonna works effectively to soothe aches and also relieves stress muscles and swellings.

The herbal products mentioned above have the potential to treat migraine headaches effectively. However, caution needs to be maintained when these herbal products are being used because they are very potent in nature. Also, it can never be known for certain what herbal product would prove to be useful for whom and how effectively it will help an individual treat migraine headaches.

Considering all these points, itís essential that medical advice be readily sought before you start using herbal products to counter migraine headaches. Although safe, you can never know with certainty if a certain herbal product will suit your system or not. Therefore, your doctor is able to advise you better about herbal products before you begin using them.

Without a doubt migraine is a very complicated and very troubling condition. Nothing seems to work when a person experiences migraine headaches. It is highly essential that the condition be eradicated from the root cause rather than just treating the temporary symptoms of the headaches.

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